Vespa - QR Code

How do you connect with a youth audience that’s notoriously difficult to reach?

Well, if you’re Vespa, you do it by piquing their interest, by building buzz, by creating something the likes of which they’ve never seen before. You do it by creating North America’s very first QR enabled advertisement.

Watch this short animation to see how QR Codes work.

Vespa placed QR Codes on posters throughout Toronto’s downtown core. Once scanned, the codes automatically sent people to a mobile site where they could win Vespa mobile wallpapers, Vespa video ring tones, Free Vespa T-shirts, 40% off clothing at local Vespa Dealers, even win a brand new Vespa LX150, instantly.

Each offer has been designed to drive players to the dealership where they can redeem their prize, check out Vespa merchandise or try a Vespa scooter on for size.

The program was an incredible success - as part of a larger campaign, the effort resulted in more Vespa's being sold than ever before during the same Sprint period.


Campaign Overview Video (3MB Quicktime)

QR Code Posters
These posters were placed as wild postings in key downtown Toronto locations frequented by our youth target market. Each poster contained one QR Code that took consumers to one of the four mobile site pages.
Posters On Street | Poster Detail

Mobile Site Pages
Each QR Code on the posters led to one of the four following pages. For the sake of simplicity, the pages are presented here as quicktime movies:
You've won a Vespa page
You've won a Vespa mobile wallpaper page
You get 40% off all Vespa merchandise plus a video ringtone page
You've won a Vespa t-shirt page